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Opportunities for research, development and innovation

On behalf of the Vice Deanery for Research and Graduate Studies, the Faculty of Engineering has been distinguished by a high experience and productivity on research development. Academics of our university have been awarded multiple funds (Conicyt, Fondef, Corfo, intern funds, etc.) aimed at research and knowledge oriented to the society.

Regarding the means to carry out research, all Academic Departments of the faculty include laboratories and equipment, so that students and academic are able to develop their projects. On this area, we highlight the partnership University-Company under the management of Projects of Direct Allocation and service delivery to the private sector

All nine departments of the Faculty of Engineering are committed to research in national and international scenarios. 

1. Infraestructure for Innovation

Centre for Engineering in Operations Management and Mathematical Modelling

Centre of Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies for Social Applications

Transdisciplinary Research Centre Smartcity LAB

Centre for Artificial Intelligence applied to Industrial Active Management

Centre for the Inclusion of Engineering in Society

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship LEIND

2. Infraestructure for Research & Development

Program for Waste Recovery and Circular Economy

Program for Structural Integrity

Program for Hydrogen Economy

Program for Urban Planning

Program for Processing and Geodesic Analysis

+ 50 laboratories to foster teaching and research in engineering! 

3. Contact Information / Directors of R&D of the Academic Department from the Faculty of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering: Dra. Marcela Cruchaga /

Department of Chemical Engineering Dr. Luis Henríquez /

Department of Industrial Engineering: Dr. Pedro Palominos /

Department of Geographical Engineering: Dr. Ricardo Crespo /

Department of Civil Engineering: Dr. Juan Carlos Pina /

Department of Electrical Engineering: Dr. Feliz Rojas /

Department of Mining Engineering: Dra. Pamela Jara /

Department of Informatics Engineering: Dr. Roberto González /